Avi Forman, AIA, LEED is an architect and builder dedicated to the vertical integration the building industry. He believes that some of the most critical design decisions happen beyond the traditional architect's scope and include site selection, financing, market analysis, as well as the means and methods of construction, branding, and maintenance. He is looking to push past the traditional Albertian conception of the architect as image maker and participate in projects that unite development, design, and fabrication under one roof. 

Avi's dedication to the full life-cycle of a project is as much a personal desire for a full and well-rounded life as it is an aspiration for the profession. His 10+ years of experience unite equal parts experience in hands on construction and on-site supervision roles with formal design training and project management in high end design offices. He bring a mastery of digital modeling and fabrication techniques together with a thorough understanding of how a building comes together in three dimensions and time. 

For four years, he taught the nation's premier design/build studio at the Yale School of Architecture. He led the entire class of first year graduate students in the documentation and construction of a competitively chosen student designed two family house.

In August of 2014, he published the architectural journal Perspecta which, through a series of articles and interviews, examines the ways in which money instructs and is ignored by the architectural discourse. With contributions from a diverse group of distinguished scholars, practitioners, and artists, the journal explores money's conflicted relationship with architecture, reflecting on topics that range from the aesthetics of austerity, to the underwriting of large-scale art projects, to the economic implications of building information modeling.

Thank you for reading this. If our interests in any way align, I'd love to hear from you. 

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